MEDILED K Series Quattro

MEDILED fixtures are a specially designed group of products responding to the needs of the market of lighting for health care facilities. The LED modules designed by Miloo-Lighting, with a color rendering index (CRI) Ra 90, allow for meeting the requirements of the EN 12464-1 lighting standard for the medical segment. MEDILED lighting fixtures are free from glare for patients (permissible level UGR<19). In addition, the fixtures have a Hygiene Certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene. In order to ensure proper sterile conditions in medical premises, the fixtures have an IP65 level of tightness, the housing and the diffusive lampshade are optimized for easy maintenance, and an antibacterial coating is available on request. Lighting control is recommended, and therefore MEDILED fixtures are also available in the option with DALI control. MEDILED fixtures are used as general lighting in health care premises such as operating rooms, pre-operative and post-operative areas, intensive care units, examination and treatment rooms, ophthalmology, laryngology, dermatology and dental examination rooms.

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