Industrial Lighting Series Exterior factory area

Innovative SCORPIO road luminaire with a proprietary power supply system with excellent performance parameters. It is also distinguished by a reflector optical system that reduces glare and a toughened glass with a nano-coating with self-cleaning properties. There are three types of optics to choose from, optimal for different road lighting classes. The high-performance LED modules used (up to 210 lm / W) in the latest CSP technology ensure extremely long lifetime> 100,000 hours. It is possible to fully control the luminaire (SMART LIGHTING). High quality and safety of the product confirmed by the European ENEC certificate.


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MILOO LIGHTING for BP petrol stations! This brand does not have to be presented to anyone. One of the newest BP petrol stations in Bochnia in Lesser Poland Voivodeship uses MILOO LIGHTING luminaires. MILOO LIGHTING - a Polish brand for LED lighting for industry - has equipped this facility…

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