Contract assembly

Having the most modern machinery park ‘in house’ and over 15 years of experience in the use of electronics, we offer the possibility of implementing high specialized electronic devices.

Our services:

MTHT assembly

  • We perform assembly of through-hole elements;
  • We provide soldering of employees and the wave
  • Each stage of production is subject to quality control

SMT assembly

  • We have automatic solder paste printers with SPI solder paste inspection
  • We provide templates for paste and glue application
  • We assemble the SMD set using Yamaha Co. high-performance machines.
  • We perform reflow soldering in the entire soldering furnace with full control of the soldering process
  • Each assembly line includes an AOI Yamaha Co. optical inspection device


Applying a protective coating

  • We have a device for selective coating of PCBs with varnish by Nordson Asymtek
  • We have a low-pressure Optimel injection molding machine that allows the use of complete or partial PCB packages and other components, e.g. connections, sensors, etc. - this allows the mechanical protection of electronics - it replaces the housing and protects against environmental conditions - it encapsulates.

Purchasing and logistics outsourcing:

  • We work with leading domestic and foreign suppliers
  • Supply of printed circuits
  • Delivery and storage of electronic devices