The ‘smartCLO’ (ang. „Constant Light Output”) solution enables the lighting fixture to maintain constant luminous flux throughout its entire operational life.

In standard LED technology without the innovative 'smartCLO' functionality , overcapacity of lighting fixtures of even 20% is assumed in the lighting design phase (the so-called "overcapacity factor” or „maintenance factor”) in order to compensate for the natural loss of luminous flux of the lighting fixture during its operational life.

The MILOO LIGHTING innovation eliminates this necessity, which allows the investor to save 18-20% only by using lighting fixtures with the 'smartCLO' innovation. Optimally prepared lighting design using CLO innovation allows for a fully justified maintenance factor at the level of 0.95 - 0.98 depending on the lighting fixture model and operational environment.

The 'smartCLO' solution by MILOO is fundamentally different from the standard CLO solutions available in the market, which are based only on the operational life of the lighting fixture when calculating the loss of LED flux. The 'smartCLO' by MILOO solution provides for a 32-bit microprocessor, controlling the operation of the LED power pack, monitors a number of key parameters such as: lighting fixture operating time, lighting fixture power, lighting fixture temperature and ambient temperature. Then, based on such data as well as on the advanced models and algorithms, the actual loss of LED luminous flux is determined.

The innovation sets new standards in the field of lighting fixture design and enables the investor to use lighting fixtures more efficiently and to reduce energy consumption significantly.

Benefits related to the application of ‘smartCLO’ innovation:

  1. No need to change the power of the lighting fixtures expressed in watts - lower cost of purchasing the lighting fixtures.
  2. Thanks to the investment in lighting fixtures with the 'smartCLO' innovation, shorter return on investment time.