Emergency lighting series Emergency lighting

The family of HYPER luminaires together with the special variant HT has been designed to implement emergency lighting with central power supply in the STAR® technology. The high degree of protection IP66 ensures excellent water resistance and dust resistance, which allows for use in garages, parking lots, industrial halls, and even in rooms where the luminaires will be exposed to high temperatures (up to +70°C) - HT model. They are characterized by very high light parameters, optimal light distribution angle and excellent color rendering. They have a programmable luminous flux in the range from 10% to 100% in emergency mode (programmed at the production stage), which means that they can be used as both emergency and backup lighting. The HYPER family luminaires are equipped with addressable ignition systems (up to 20 addresses on each end circuit) with the function of central monitoring and control via power cables. On each circuit, luminaires of different power and working in any operating modes can be installed: emergency, emergency-mains switched. Programming of the emergency mode is carried out through power cables from the level of the controller located in the power cabinet or the superior CGVision® visualization software, without the need for physical contact with the luminaire. In the network operation mode, HYPER luminaires can also be controlled with the DALI protocol (option) through an additional communication cable.