Public lighting series Operating & sterile rooms

MEDILED 2.0 luminaire is a product that meets the high expectations of healthcare lighting. The CRI (Ra) of this product is one of the highest medical fittings on the market. In addition, we can boast of high values of R9 and R13 coefficients, which in turn describe the donation of blood and tissue colors. The luminaire is designed for both flush-mounted and surface-mounting coffered mounting. Thanks to its high tightness (IP65), the luminaire is easy to maintain in sterile rooms. As an additional option it is possible to make an antibacterial coating. The MEDILED 2.0 luminaire works with the DALI control system.


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MILOO LIGHTING luminaires in the new building of the Dental Clinical Center of the Medical University of Lublin! This modern facility with an area of ​​9,000 square meters and 7 floors will be used to educate medical staff, conduct research and treat patients. The building will house a lecture…